Nomastyl Crown Moldings are made of extruded polystyrene, a lightweight foam material. They are the first DIY-friendly crown molding on the U.S. market because the installation requires no major tools. Please see below for more information.


Main Product Features

  • Lightweight & easy to handle
  • No experience needed to install
  • Installs with only latex/acrylic caulk (no major tools needed)
  • Short lengths for easy transportation
  • Waterproof - will not expand or contract with changes in humidity
  • Ready to paint without primer 

Available Profiles

How to Install Nomastyl Crown Molding

Project Materials

6.5 foot pieces can be transported in any average sedan.

6.5 foot pieces can be transported in any average sedan.

  • Water Based/Acrylic Caulk
    • We recommend a quick dry, white caulk - can be found in the paint aisle.
  • Miter Box
  • Fine-Toothed Hand Saw
    • We recommend using a blade that is 32 teeth-per-inch or finer.
  • Spackling Paste
  • Fine-grit Sandpaper
  • Paper Towel & Running Water
  • Latex-Based Paint (optional)


Please note that chop saws work great to cut our crown molding. If you do not have one on hand, then we recommend a miter box and hand saw as the most affordable tools.

The simple guides below will help with the tricky inside and outside corner cuts.